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“A Rhyme for All Time”

Feast your eyes on the extraordinary illustrations by James Tissot. Traveling throughout the Middle East in the mid-19th century, Tissot witnessed authentic traditions, wardrobe and architecture.

He combined this first hand experience with visionary spiritual insight and uncompromising artistic ability to create his master work

“The Life of Christ.”

James Tissot (1836-1902)

Be transported 2000 years back in time . . . Experience the mind’s eye vision of artist James Tissot to revisit “The Life of Christ.” Over 300 full color illustrations are infused with inspired, lyrical verse that chronicles this timeless tale of God and man.

Divinely driven, Jesus came as a teacher, healer, prophet, praised and reviled, proclaiming a God of universal love and forgiveness.

About the Artist

Revelation, murder, betrayal, suicide, sacrifice, and ultimate salvation weave an inspirational drama revealing a deeper meaning to life . . . love everyone. Regardless your beliefs, no other single person has effected the course of humanity more than Jesus Christ. His is a heroic story of sacrifice and glory for the sake of Truth.

“A Rhyme for All Time” seeks to faithfully portray the New Testament Gospel narratives.

Nearly 300 pages of gorgeous paintings inscribed with inspirational verse.

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Like Tissot, I was moved to seek a deeper meaning in life. Nearly 40 years ago, while first reading the New Testament, “A Rhyme for All Time” poured forth purely from inspiration. I was touched by the life and words of Jesus. They were music to my ears and poetry in my mind. As he said, “Seek and you shall find.”

I am but a poet and do not claim divine right. Leave a comment on FaceBook by clicking here.

A special thanks to the owners of “The Life of Christ” The Brooklyn Museum, New York. www.BrooklynMuseum.org for their enlightened adoption of copyright law.

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